‘                                          Jacobstowe 2017; Winter. Number 53’.
                                 30 x 21 cm, Watercolour and Indian Ink on paper.

I am UK based again after volunteering in East Africa, currently living in the South West of England.

Artist: across the genres, mostly two dimensions

Film Maker: started film making in Uganda.

Teacher: Art and History of Art.

Volunteer: two years and nine months in Gulu, Northern Uganda as a VSO volunteer, visit (markandmaryinuganda) for more on that period and ETC @ GDPU for current activities.

Writer: textbooks. Reviews/ critical writings. Development and funding proposals, monitoring reports and analysis.  Poetry. Fiction. Lyrics  (founder member of The Mekons) the lyric writing habit continues. Blog writer (whitemarkarts art blog and markandmaryinuganda)

Contact: whitemarkarts@gmail.com

  1. Andrew Ashton said:

    Hi Mark, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading and looking at your Blog. Also very interesting to see views on Egg Ravilious, Daumier et al – subjects close to my own heart.

    Best Wishes


    • Dear Andrew,
      thank you for your positive comments, they help a great deal. Good to know that others find Ravilious interesting, I was fascinated by the connections between his most famous image (probably) and Tirzah Garwood’s work, about which little is known (sadly).
      I’m going to Birmingham tomorrow, so might get a chance to look at the Egg painting again, the more you look at it, the more strange you realise it is.

      • Andrew Ashton said:

        Hi Mark, slightly jealous of you seeing the Egg tomorrow. I’m giving a talk about Travelling Companions/ Train Landscape next week. I’m looking for close ups of the Egg only found the head sketch so far.


      • Yes The Travelling Companions repays further looking at, unlike perhaps some of Eggs more moralistic images which always struck me as an unhappy cross between Dickens and Hogarth. How did the lecture go, did you find further images?

    • Andrew Ashton said:

      Yes, I think Travelling Companions is one of the more subtle Victorian pictures. I decided to do “Anthropomorphism” this week so it’s Egg, Ravillious etc next week.
      Best Wishes


  2. Hi Mr White! I’ve just tweeted your blog – I think it’s brilliant. Musings on the nature of pictorial space – my favourite!

  3. Dorothy Ledsham said:

    Hi, I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying life. I have been remembering teaching your old, year 9 SOW as I’ve just seen Mantagena’s ‘Death of Christ’ in Milan. such a pity to only see it now but a privledge to finally get to see it.

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